Unwrapped Cut Paper Piece

25th November:

Approved Design for Unwrapped Paper piece, to fit entrance doors at Rua Red Gallery, Tallaght, D24

29th November:
Work in Progress Photos

Prepared paper on wall

Drawing on Design

Drawing details

Start with the smallest section- work out cutting techniques to suit design

Matching up sections

Rabbit Detail

Time consuming tree detail-


30th November –

Cutting the Tree Face

Storing already completed layers inbetween rolls of uncut paper

Cutting final door section (Door 1 on Design)

Squirrel & Seedling detail finished

All layers before rolling for transportation

And the lettering..(almost forgot)


©Maeve Clancy 2010


2 Responses to “Unwrapped Cut Paper Piece”

  1. Ro Says:

    Lovely stuff, as per usual. You do know how to give yourself the most time-consuming challenges that the rest of us would balk at.

    • maeveclancy Says:

      Thanks Ro – But, I have to admit: in the middle of this, went to visit my sister in Hamburg for the weekend, dragging a roll of paper with me. Had her cutting out for a whole day with me! Multiple siblings makes this kind of work less time consuming than you would think…

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