Travel Drawings – Australia February 2012

Various pen drawings from Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns

Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Sydney CBD

Steps from Victoria St to Woolmoolo, King’s Cross, Sydney

Corner House, King’s Cross, Sydney

Dreamtime Hostel, Cairns

Caffiend Coffee shop, Cairns

Grand Hotel, Cairns

Loganholme, Brisbane

all images © Maeve Clancy 2012


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5 Responses to “Travel Drawings – Australia February 2012”

  1. Sarah Crowther Artist Says:

    Wow! These are fantastic!

  2. Ailbhe Says:

    Love the big tree though it looks fierce complicated!

    • maeveclancy Says:

      took a while alright- do you want it? You know me, I never hang work up anywhere. It’ll save it drying out in the studio…

  3. trickslattery Says:

    Stunning line work! I love pen and ink.

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